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    GIUSTI family, jewelers originally coming from Livorno, came to Modena at the service of the Duke.

    In the mid 19th Century, descendent Carlo Giusti came to Novellara where he started working as a tinsmith.

    Because of the major crisis in 1929, great-grandson Alcide, still a boy, was forced to start working for firm Slanzi e Lombardini. When the members owners separated, Alcide was employed by Officine Reggiane, together with brother Tonino.

    At the end of the thirties the brothers, with all their experience, came back to Novellara to work in the family-run firm that became Fratelli Giusti, specializing in construction of cooking pots, metal barbecues, turbine-powered lifts and honey extractors.

    When Tonino, airplane pilot, was reported missing in Libia during the war, Alcide continued to develop the company that, in 1944, was transferred to a bigger warehouse in Via Provinciale Nord.

    In 1954 the firm developed even further, specializing in the construction of tanks made for Landini tractors in Fabbrico.

    In the middle of the sixties, Alcide was joined by son Ferdinando who operated an actual revolution inside the factory, introducing up to date machinery for sheet metal processing.

    Then it was Ferdinando’s turn to ferry the company to the 2000s, investing in innovating equipment and more and more technological machinery.

    Today it is Marco, Ferdinando’s son, at the helm, who continues to follow the route of his ancestors, trying to make Giusti a landmark in metal carpentry.